Home in Sada

After an amazing first week in Spain, I finally got to settle down for a while at Val's home in Sada. Val told me that my room would be on the third floor, and I'd have to climb down the stairs to get to a bathroom. I didn't realize she meant "climb" literally.

My creaky, scary ladder, I am really amazed I haven't killed myself falling down. 

My room is up on the third floor, which turned out to be an attic. To get to my bed I have to climb a creaky ladder, duck through four rooms, move four drape doors out of the way, and turn off three sets of lights. 

Up in the attic there's a nice little couch, a bed, tables and chairs and a dresser and rack for hanging clothes. There's also wifi (yay!!!!!)

The rest of their house is very nice, with a library office, a kitchen that is always stocked with fresh loaves of bread and a lemon tree in the yard. 

My lemon and book before Jazz showed up! 

I decided to pick a fresh lemon and peacefully read a book outside but the dog Jazz had other ideas. Apparently her habit of jumping up on my every time I'm near her means she likes me. Weird way of showing it, doggy!

We did a couple of day trips from Sada, heading to Santiago, A Coruna and the northern coast. The whole family welcomed me with open arms and I felt at home right away.